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October 12, 2020 3 min read



We have all been there. It’s Friday afternoon, you just finished work, and are in a mad rush to buy supplies for the braai tonight. You join the 12-deep cashier’s line at an understaffed Spar, anxious and fidgety because your mates will be ringing your doorbell in 15 minutes and you aren’t even home yet, let alone clean and/or fresh-smelling. Ahead of you in the line is an old friend, who you haven’t seen in a while. You both notice each other at the same time, and while you greet, you run through the hundred times the two of you have had the “dude we must organise a braai” conversation. The feeling, awkward. The talk, small. And you make some bullsh*t plan, for the hundred-and-first time, knowing full well that it won’t be honoured. And you spend the next 5-50 minutes in that line talking about the weather, or the government, or Cell C, or how “busy” you are (special pet peeve of mine), until the inevitable “keep in touch!” before you piss off and forget, again, that this convo ever even happened.

There are many reasons for this, but not one of those reasons are because you don’t want to have that braai. You do, but life as we know it is so f*cked, that we are required to plan strategically if you want to ever have a hope of seeing all your friends more than once every 6 months. So you invite groups of people to a braai (several birds, one stone type of mission). But yet, it’s been two years and neither of you have registered so much as a blip either other’s radars.

It’s sad.

There is a solution to this dilemma though, and it’s been under our noses all along. One doesn’t need a long time to catch up or stay in touch. A beer or two can be enough to keep that spark alive.

Drum roll please…..*Enters – BEER FRIDAY*….

Let’s make this easy. It’s only a couple of beers. No need to dress up fancy, or prepare “bykos” or any of that mission. Just have a standing date (in this case, the 1st Friday of every month), and bring your beer. There are a few other implicit requirements (which I will get to in a bit), but other than that, what more do you want? You come for 1 beer, or 10, who cares? It’s a Friday afternoon, and you get to catchup with your peeps, or meet some new ones. And there is no implicit “minimum” amount of time to spend. If you have just a few minutes for one beer, then so be it. That’s enough for a couple of handshakes and a dirty joke. Easy peazy… If you stay longer, you might get to hear about someone’s new job, or house, or crack habit.

Beer is as old as the human race, and the majority of its use has been social. No need to fix what ain’t broken, ne?

So let’s have a look at the recipe. I have four simple rules:

1. BYOB (Bring your own beer). Special events with free beer might come around once in a while, but out of courtesy, you bring your own anyway.

2. Everybody is welcome. This can be a tough one to get to grips with, as there is always a knob at every party. Tip-of-the-day: if you can’t find the knob, maybe you should leave…

3. Snacks are for everyone: If you bring snacks (and you should), they automatically become the property of Beer Friday, and are no longer under your control.

4. Don’t be a tool, just be lekker. This one needs no explanation, except that “tool” wasn’t my first choice of word…

And for a bit of spice, some old-school smack-talk is also encouraged. Don’t be so sensitive bru. Save your internet muscles for shi*t that matters. Beer Friday gives zero f*cks about your opinion.

There it is. It couldn’t be simpler. And don’t complicate it with your crap. If you don’t drink beer, it doesn’t matter. It’s called Beer Friday, but in case you haven’t noticed, beer is not the point. Your friends are. Beer is just f*cking amazing…

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Justin Austin
Justin Austin

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